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What the heck is a Slothstorm?

What the heck is a slothstorm?


I’ve certainly wondered whether I’d eventually come to regret naming this blog something as weird as Slothstorm — especially given that it’s really not the most professional sounding name in the world and it definitely sounds like a joke.


But when I think about why I chose the name, I realize that I made the right choice and I don’t have any doubt that people won’t understand.

When I decided I that I wanted to get right back into blogging again for personal fulfillment after failing with a completely different blog years before, I knew that I wanted to focus on facts and concepts and stories and experiences about how the heck we can choose to live our lives.

That’s it.

I wanted a lifestyle/lifehack/personal development blog, and I wanted it because I had spent my entire life struggling to figure things out in my own life and I was sick of doing it wrong or according to what other people thought was right.


To me, a “slothstorm” is any undesirable or non-beneficial experience that stems from a person’s laziness, pessimism, fear, selfishness, bad health choices, distraction, loss of direction in life, or lack of meaning.


People go about their days in this world without exercising any mindful control at all, and that’s what I call a big, fat, giant slothstorm.

They’re half distracted most of the day because it’s easier to watch the most mind-numbing reality TV show or go on Facebook than it is to actually put the work into creating a life that matters.

They do stuff that doesn’t bring meaning into their lives because they’ve simply been misled to believe they’re supposed to take on all these other responsibilities and succeed at all the wrong things and there’s no time and it’s too hard to go after what matters to them.

And lots of them don’t even know what really matters to them the most because they never did any serious thinking or experimenting to figure it out.

Their main goal every morning when they wake up is to simply just make it through the day, and survive.

What a lame way to live.




I can’t even tell you how many friggin’ slothstorms I’ve been through.

I’d wake up every morning completely dreading the day ahead, and I’d stumble through everything in a spaced out haze of consciousness because I only went after goals I thought I was supposed to want (but didn’t) and treated my health like shit by not eating properly and not exercising and not getting enough sleep.

I could procrastinate for all eternity, and I could whine and complain for eons when things didn’t go my way.

Maybe you’re not that bad, or maybe you’re even worse.

Whatever your life may be like, there’s always room to improve it.


And that’s why I coined this ridiculous slothstorm term — because you know there will always come a time when you’ll be faced with some mild or even serious form of laziness, depression, hardship, stolen credit cards, failed marriage, doomsday apocalypse or some other crazy thing down the life of your life.


I don’t care if the term catches on or not.

All I care about is learning and writing, and reaching people who could take something away from it.

Thank you for reading my weird blog, and I hope you reach out to me on social media or by email if there’s anything you ever want to talk about.


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