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Human beings take a bajllion photos every day — and you know that you’re a contributor for that huge number.


You see something cool, point your phone at it, and then snap a photo so it can be added to the giant hoard of other random photos you’ve managed to collect over time.

But instead of doing what normal people do, like uploading them en masse to Facebook or decorating them with vintage-themed filters, why not MAKE SWEET CASH MONEY BY LICENSING THEM TO COMPANIES THAT ARE JUST DYING TO USE THEM?!

It’s all very possible with a little-known app called Foap.


Foap is a smartphone photo marketplace, which lets you sell to millions of brands, agencies and photo buyers from all over the world.


You can list a photo on the Foap marketplace for $10, and you’ll earn $5 each time one of your photos is licensed to someone (while Foap takes the other $5).

There are no limit to how many times a particular photo can be licensed.

Since Foap is actually a social app, its users are the ones that determine which photos are worthy of being licensed.

Your photo needs to receive an approval rating of at least 2.5 or more from the Foap community in order to meet license eligibility requirements, but before anyone can start rating your photo, you need to rate at least five other photos yourself.

It’s a community-driven marketplace, so get used to interacting on it!


Buyers launch ‘missions’ on Foap to let photographers know what they’re looking for in an ideal photo.


You’ve gotta be crazy to ignore the Missions tab on the Foap app, which lists some major companies that are currently on the hunt for specific photos from people like you.

Mission contests also offer more than the standard $5 per licensed photo. You can find missions with rewards of $100, $200, $300 or even more.

Of course, since missions are specially promoted offering bigger rewards, you can bet there will be hundreds or even thousands of participants — so your photo better be good.

Each buyer’s mission page displays the reward amount, the amount of days left to make a submission, the number of photos already submitted, a description of what the mission is about and what they need from you, and finally an example photo to take inspiration from.

If they choose you, then you’ve hit the jackpot.


Foap gives some you tips on how to take great photos so you can sell more.


Don’t bother uploading any selfies or blurry concert photos — you won’t have any luck selling them.

Think about all the stock photos you see on professional looking websites.

In fact, do a search for some right now.

Chances are you’ll find ones that look natural and don’t have any filters applied to them.

Foap says that the best-selling photos on the marketplace generally include:

  • people
  • workplace situations
  • travel
  • cities
  • close-ups
  • common objects like tools, computers, books, and more
  • nature
  • animals

You can read more about how to sell more photos here, and how to actually take great photos here.


You probably won’t get rich from selling your photos on Foap, but for the average amateur smartphone photographer, it’s a great option to earn a little extra cash.


Imagery is a big deal on the web, and there are hundreds of thousands of companies looking to make their websites or newsletters or social profiles prettier in some way that doesn’t scare off potential customers.

And hey, if you’re already addicted to Instagram or Flickr, you can pretty much get almost the exact same experience by browsing through Foap — but with an opportunity to make money.

Foap is available for both iPhone and Android devices.


Photo via AshtonPal


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