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Astrology is one of those trendy types of superstitions that people love to have fun with on a casual basis, but secretly think it’s really just a ton of crap.


When I was 16, I bought this enormous textbook on astrology for super cheap when I worked a part-time retail job at a home decorating department store and immediately dove right into it.

Back then, I was really fascinated by it and wanted to believe in it SO HARD because I just thought it was so cool and fun.

(Also, my grandmother had taken courses on astrology back in her day, and she drew out my entire astrological chart when I was born, which I thought was so cool.)

Today, I’m kind of meh about it.

I still have that book, but it’s so complex and so jam-packed with mystical space stuff and confusing mathematical equations — it just reminds me a little too much of the textbooks I used to dread studying in high school and university.


But anyway, this blog post is not entirely all about whether astrology is actually real or not.



You can choose to believe in anything you want, and if astrology is one of those things, then that’s cool.

If not, that’s fine too.

And if you’re undecided — even better.

I still don’t know if I fully and truly believe in it, because I don’t think I’ve studied it enough to come to a good enough conclusion about it.

It’s funny though, that so many of us who claim it to be a bunch of crap still can’t resist reading our horoscopes every now and then whenever we’re presented with the opportunity to read it, or trying to figure out someone’s zodiac sign so we can determine whether we’re compatible or not.

When we get into this sort of stuff, we can’t help but start imagining how some of those predictions might play out in our lives — like getting that awesome promotion because Mercury is in retrograde (or whatever), or finally settling down with that guy you’re dating because he’s a perfectly compatible Taurus.

That sounds pretty awesome.

The truth doesn’t matter — we’ll keep reading our horoscopes whenever we get the chance and we’ll check other people’s star signs for compatibility because we’re curious creatures, it’s fun, and the interpretations basically offer us a cool way tool inflate our own self-importance in the world.


Things that are designed to make humans feel better about themselves — like those two-sentence long horoscopes you can get online or the compatibility outlook of you and your partner’s astrological signs — have more power than you think in giving you that glimmer of hope and optimism that everything in life is actually going to be okay, even if it’s really just a ton of space-themed junk.


I feel that this is the case for all spiritual belief systems and organized religion in general.

Still, I’ve realized that regardless of whatever is real or not about astrology, all the positive stuff you can get out of it can actually be a great source of personal development when you take out all the weird and mystical “what if?” feelings of unsureness and instead interpret it mostly as good, solid life advice.

And that, my friends, is the simple reason why you should consider reading your horoscope every day.


Read your horoscope every day not just to hope that those things will someday happen — but to actually do it, and be it.

Use it to work on yourself, and to focus on the positive things that you have the potential to achieve.



By choosing a good horoscope provider that ideally gives you a mostly positive daily reading, you can actually rid yourself of negative thoughts, anxiety, and even depression for the entire day.

It’s one of the simplest and quickest ways to do a bit of daily personal development (which in my opinion, everyone should do).


You are what you think.


Anything you think hard enough about can totally become one hundred percent real to you, and when it comes to working on yourself at becoming a better person in life, the search for actual truth and other people’s opinions about it don’t really matter all that much.

So what if the alignment of the stars really has squat to do with your level of suck and/or awesomeness?

If you believe it, then it’s true in your mind.

It’s all you, and that’s all there is to it.


If you’re hoping you can sit around and do nothing while waiting for all this comsic magic power to bring you everything you ever wanted in life and turn you into the person you always wanted to be, then you’re doing it wrong.

Take each important message from your horoscope and use it to help you focus on what matters so that you can take the necessary actions required for whatever it is you want to achieve.


There are tons of great sites and apps out there where you can get your horoscope from, but my personal favorite is an iOS app called The DailyHoroscope.

It’s a popular one that has a lot of great ratings from its users, and it tends of offer more positive and insightful readings compared to some of the other alternatives.

I encourage you to do some digging and try out a whole bunch, so you can find one that best fits your style.


Photo via Ryan Wick


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