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Hire the Sloth

Spoiler alert: I’m not a real sloth.





I am, in fact, a real live human being and a freelance web writer who’s always looking to work with new individuals and businesses that could use my help.

I have a fancy writer website and sometimes I put my clips on this Pinteresty freelancer portfolio thing right here.

My goal is to help my clients build trustworthy, long lasting relationships with their audiences so they become repeat visitors, share their blog posts, subscribe to their newsletters, sign up for their free trials, buy their products, follow them on Twitter, or take whatever action it is that they need them to take.

Here’s what I’m specifically good at and love doing:


Custom Blog / Article Content


Whether you need short and pithy blurbs that get the message across in a couple brief paragraphs, or lengthy and in-depth analyses running over 2,000 words, I’m happy to dive right into it. And if you want more than just the written stuff, I’m also a pro at all of the extra add-ons that come with running a blog as well.

Basic blog post services:

  • Bylined or ghostwritten content ranging from 250 words to 2,000+ words
    • Includes essential research and link attribution to reputable sources
    • Includes one Creative Commons-sourced image optimized for share-ability
    • Includes SEO keyword use in the headline, first paragraph and the main content
    • Includes up to three full edit requests if they’re needed

Extra blog post add-ons:

  • WordPress management (formatting, editing, scheduling and/or publishing)
  • Basic graphic design (such as Pinterest-friendly image creation)
  • SEO keyword research
  • In-depth research & analysis
  • Interviewing
  • Comment moderation
  • Social media management/promotion

If you’d like to order a large number of blog posts in bulk (like 10 posts written over the course of a month, for example), we can discuss a blog post package at a discounted rate per post. Contact me to get a personalized quote.


Blog Post & Web Copy Editing


Polished, up-to-date blog posts can make all the difference in your traffic. My expert gig with means I’m also the head editor for a huge section of an already massive website, so I know all about effectively freshening up old web pages and blog posts that have become stale.

Basic blog post editing services:

  • Thorough editing of your writers’ posts before they’re published
  • Blog post editing of existing published content with updated facts, keywords, research, current events and links to reputable sources
  • Web copy editing and optimization of company information, product / service offerings, reviews, etc.

Extra add-ons:

  • Helpful feedback and edit requests to your writers
  • Collaboration/management of your writers
  • Development of an editorial calendar schedule
  • Social media management/promotion
  • Image sourcing, cropping, re-sizing, uploading, basic graphic design, formatting in WordPress

If you’d like ongoing editing work done, it’s possible that we can set up a monthly retainer agreement for what you need. Contact me to get a personalized quote.


Web Page Copywriting


Every business needs web copy that converts. If creating buzz and capturing conversions are your main priority, which it should be, then we can talk. Here’s a brief list of general copywriting projects I don’t take on quite as often, but will consider for the right client and type of gig:

  • “About Us” page writing
  • Product / service page description writing
  • Landing page copy
  • Email newsletter series writing

I’ll need to hear all about your business, your target audience and your goals for this type of project. Contact me about it so I can give you a personalized quote.


Ebook and E-Course Writing


Ebooks and e-courses are big projects, and when done right, a high-quality ebook or e-course can help build your authority in your niche, bring in loads of subscribers and generate more sales for your business.

If you have an idea in mind for an ebook or an e-course and would prefer to outsource the written work to a professional, you should definitely tell me about it. Contact me about it so I can see if I’m a good fit and give you a personalized quote.


Click here to get in touch with me now.


To chat about what kind of project you’ve got going on and how we can work together to get it done, shoot me an email via my contact page and we’ll go from there.

Thank you for your interest!

I look forward to speaking with you.


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