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A real benefit I’ve found to understanding what it takes to do a butt ton of content marketing online these days is that so much of it can (and should be) outsourced to talented people who know exactly what they’re doing, and deserve to be paid for it.


And guess what?

There are tons of cool, creative online jobs that don’t require you to have a Masters degree in computer programming, or be a web designing whiz kid.

No sir.

Here are just five of my favourite types of creative jobs that almost anyone can do (almost), which are currently hot and in demand right now by all sorts of businesses and people who simply don’t have the time or patience to do it themselves.


1. Instagram consultant


This is a real thing right now.

Listen — businesses are just now starting to figure out that everyone on the internet has slowly but surely developed attention spans shorter than a goldfish, and Instagram is the latest social network that keeps our faces glued to our phones without overwhelming us too much with stupid, pointless information we have no  time to look at or read.

Besides, Facebook and Twitter are so 2009.

Today, Instagram is where it’s at, and there are lots of businesses trying to figure it out.

If you have experience growing Instagram accounts, creating content (including videos), and knowing how to engage with followers, then you’re a valuable resource who can offer expertise to a business who has no idea what they’re doing on Instagram.


2. Pinterest image creator


Word on the street is that Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than Facebook and Twitter combined.

That’s some serious stuff.

With Pinterest becoming the go-to place for people to discover new content, businesses are seeing the massive opportunity to invest more in professionally made photos specifically designed to get people clicking, and even pinning them to their own boards.

If you know how to use a photo editing app, Photoshop, or even a free tool like Canva to make cool looking photos with fancy text over top of them, then I can almost guarantee that there are tons of businesses out there that would be willing to pay you at least a few bucks to pump out that kind of stuff for them.


3. Vine or Instagram video editor


Short video is everything right now and you’re wrong if you think otherwise.

YouTube may be the second largest search engine for years, but in today’s mobile-driven world where everyone consumes online content like they have ADD, videos that get the point across in just a few seconds are absolutely huge.

Instagram has 15-second videos while Vine limits videos to just six seconds, and you’d be amazed how well some users have done with posting video content on these social networks.

Go ahead and take a look at Fiverr’s front page right now, and I bet you’ll see that a lot of those popular gigs involve some form of video content creation or editing for super short stuff, like jingles and whatnot.

If you know how to use editing software, like Final Cut or even something as simple as iMovie, there’s no reason why you can’t start offering editing services to businesses or individuals who need it for their Instagram followers.


4. Animated GIF creator


I’d say that animated GIFs are still a bit of an emerging trend not entirely yet embraced by everyone or every website trying to sell you something, but we’re getting there.

People love to share GIFs.

They can’t get enough of sharing GIFs.

All over Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and wherever else that actually has GIF support.

Here’s why.

They’re fun (obviously), they pump life into a still photo, they have the ability to tell a short story or scene, they don’t make any sound, and they’re the perfect cross between photo and video.

I’ve started to notice more blogs embedding them into their articles, which is kind of cool.

Giphy, the search engine for GIFs, is more popular than ever, and I can only see it getting bigger and more awesome.

Even if you have no idea how to make a GIF from scratch, there are tons of services that let you create GIFs in seconds without any technical know-how, and if you set up a simple GIF animation gig on Fiverr or Elance, don’t be surprised if you manage to snag a few interested prospects.


Today’s big lesson: Everything on the internet is turning visual because we’ve mysteriously evolved into creatures with giant cell phones who have no time, patience, or attention span for anything anymore but still have the desire to look at something.


Speaking of GIFs, I plan on using a lot more on this blog to make it way more fun and exciting.

(And also because you have no attention span and require something visual and moving to keep you somewhat committed.)



It’s kind of funny, because even just a year or two from now, this blog post could way out of date and I may be laughed at by everyone who comes across it.

Instagram???????????? HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the other hand, it’s hard to predict what could come next after the huge soul-sucking wave of visual internet stimulation is over.

For now, you can seek comfort in knowing that you’re closer than you might think to snagging a cool online gig with a company or business — makin’ funny cat GIFs or editing pretty pictures with fancy word art.


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