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Slothstorm is all about getting a grip on our “inner sloths” so we can build better lives and make more of a difference in what we choose to do.


It’s about observing and understanding how our own minds really work and why we do the things we do (or don’t do).

It’s about increasing our awareness and grounding ourselves more firmly in reality so we can start acting authentically and living life with intentional purpose.

It’s about doing things right AND doing things wrong.


It’s about learning.


I have nothing against real sloths and I’ll be one to admit that they’re fabulous creatures, but let’s face it–a sloth’s lifestyle can’t be adopted by any human being.

And when I say “sloth’s lifestyle,” what I’m really talking about is unconscious and meaningless drudgery.

The majority of people don’t realize that this is how they live.

We’re far too preoccupied with living up to objective standards set by society, avoiding failure at all costs, embracing comfort, owning lots of “stuff,” and of course becoming hopelessly addicted to cheap forms of stimulation like Netflix and Facebook and reruns of Bret Michaels’ Rock of Love for hours and hours every day just so we can forget about what’s really going on.

You know, like the fact that we all got 99 problems and 72 life goals and not a lot of years left to live.


Hint: The content on this blog is for you if…


  • You’ve done everything you thought you were supposed to do in life so far, and yet it hasn’t ultimately made you happy.
  • You aren’t really sure how or if you should change, so you distract yourself and procrastinate a lot.
  • You fear the unknown, but you probably fear an unfulfilling life of mediocrity even more.
  • You’re one creative motherf****r, whether you choose to show it or not. (In art, or in business, or in science, or in any other area).
  • You crave nothing more than the independence and freedom to fulfill your deepest passion in life, whatever that may be.
  • You have an intense desire to know yourself better and kick everyone else’s expectations of you to the curb.


About the gal behind the sloth blog…


My name is Elise, and I’m the one who runs this sloth-branded personal development blog.

I also run my own writing business and live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.




I started this blog because I just really, really, really, really think personal development is fascinating, and as I continue to pursue it for myself, I genuinely want to help others do the same.

What could be more fascinating than studying (and fixing) the workings of your own mind and behaviour?

I mean, isn’t it cool that you can take any bad habit or behavioural quality, research the heck out of it, do a ton of self-observation work on it, use your findings to reverse engineer it until you get right down to the core of why you do it, break it down and then build it back up using tools and strategies that can produce a more favourable outcome?

Slothstorm is a reflection of the things I’ve learned and applied to my own life, brought to you by my own unique and weird perspective.

By the way, here’s what the term “slothstorm” really means and why I came up with it, in case you were wondering.

If you haven’t signed up yet, I’d love for you to grab the free list of tips I that I spent quite a lot of time putting together, because I know it can make a difference if you really take it all in and apply to your own life.

Here’s what a few happy subscribers have emailed me to say about it:


I am a psychiatrist/psychotherapist/hypnotherapist from NY and I am reading and rereading your list. It’s been helpful for myself, but I also love using some of the tips for my patients. Thank you!


Wow. You write good! (And I mean that literally, not in a bad grammar way.) Reading your freebie was inspiring. There is a lot of blather out there and much of it is a waste of time. But what I’ve read on your site so far — the content, focus, and energy — is damn good. And as life sometimes works, they seem to have arrived at just the right time. I’ll look forward to reading more of your stuff and hope your trajectory remains stellar!


28 Daily Must-do Rules for Getting Sh*t Done was just what I needed. I really liked the format you used for each must-do. I have a problem keeping focused, and get overwhelmed to the point of shutting down. The must-dos are great reminders which are simple, short and easy to do. Please keep up the great work.


Quite honestly, personal development is something that I genuinely believe everyone should get involved with, no matter how damaged, successful, young, old, busy, or tired a person may be.

Feel free to subscribe using the nifty form above for blog updates (in addition to the cool freebie I’m proud to share with you) and I hope to meet you maybe in social media land if you ever want to connect!


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